10 million tons of furniture goes into landfill every year.  

“While there are several ways to reduce waste of food and other short-lifespan recyclable goods, the simplest and most affordable way to mitigate more furniture going into landfills is to shop vintage for your home.” - @thereforesamiam for @archdigest 

 Our business model is based on prevent people from putting fabulous furniture into landfill. There are always ways to bring pieces back to life. And if you don't want your old furniture anymore, we are certain there is someone who does. 

 We endlessly source to bring you a beautifully curated collection of vintage furniture and home decor. This prevents more unnecessary furniture from ending up in landfill and in turn helps to slow the production of new furniture and the waste to accompanies the production process. 

 Additionally, 95% of our packing and shipping materials are recycled, reused or repurposed. We do our best, on a daily bases to prevent more unnecessary waste.