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Spode England Pink Tower Jardiniere

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Beautiful Copeland Spode Tower England pink transferwear jardiniere. This piece dates from approximately 1950 and is a stunning piece of Spode's history. 

The Tower Pink pattern is an original archived design from the early 1800s. Referred to as "transferware," the elaborate pattern is engraved by hand onto copper plates and then transferred onto the ceramic by skilled artisans using pink underglaze, which was perfected in 1835. A colour variation of the popular and original Tower Blue pattern, Tower Pink depicts The Bridge of Salaro in Rome, Italy. The exquisitely landscaped scene comes from an original 1814 engraving. A fantastic floral border shows influences from early Chinese porcelain designs, and scalloped and ribbed edges form the classic Gadroon shape that enhances the beauty.

6.75" tall x 8.5" top diameter. 

Vintage condition - some crazing and signs of wear throughout. No chips.